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Use Thai Cloth
Story by Piyaporn Kanchana
Photos by Photography staff


Click to Bigger     I am no expert on Pa Thai (Thai cloth) and don't profess to be one, but I am a regular user of our home-made fabric and can share with you some of my experiences.
    Pa Thai comes in an astonishing variety to suit every taste and wallet. From hand-woven cotton to silk to pasin or panung (skirt cloth, like sarong), each village and region has its own specialty and style. Chiang Mai in the north is known for its silk but recently there has been a revival of interest in Esan (Northeastern Thailand) silk as well. Much is being produced in Khon Kaen and Chaiyapoum. Surin silk has Khmer influence, both in its design and colors which tend toward dark red.
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    You can have the cloth cut into modern style shirts and dresses or wear it as is and show off the entire exquisite handiwork of our local artists. There are many ways of draping the cloth into a skirt if you choose the latter option. One end of a rectangular piece can be wrapped around your waist and the other folded into different kinds of pleats and held in place with a belt.
    There is no formula for the right kind of clothes for work, party or play. Do what you feel works. If you look in the mirror and like what you see, how can anybody else think otherwise? Get to know yourself and begin experimenting seriously with Thai cloth. I say you'll become one attractive woman.

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